Starting a New Orchard?

Do you want to start a Guelph Community Orchard?  On this page we’ve listed some basic information to help you figure out a few things before you dive in:

We work in partnership with you to create an orchard suited to the needs of your community. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to come into your space and create an orchard for you, but we can help a lot with the process.  We can assist you in finding funds, provide volunteer and expert support, help plan and plant the orchard, and more!

We currently limit our plantings to public sites such as parks, churches, schools, and community centres.  We have not yet planted an orchard on city-owned land, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to try!  If you have private property and would like to plant a community orchard see the bottom of this page.

If you would like to see a Guelph Community Orchard on community property in your neighbourhood…

  • Please contact us at
  • start talking about community orchards to others in your community.  This great resource is a good place to start:
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Find a liaison or 2 from your community and have them attend our monthly planning meetings which occur on the last Monday of every month.  This is the best way we can start a face-to-face dialogue with you and learn about your community, your needs, your communities’ capacities, and more.  You will also get a sense of timeline- how and when to get started.
  • We can share with you a sample agreement between The Community Orchard, and  the entity (school, church, park) where you might want to plant.  This is something you can create together with the place you are planning to plant- but the sample agreement will give you and idea of where to start and how to frame the conversation.

More information will be added to this page soon, for now- if you would like to see a community orchard in your neighbourhood please take a moment to email us and tell us about your idea!

If you have a private property and would like to plant a community orchard we can help in the following ways:

  • Tree Mobile– The Treemobile is a volunteer-run project of Transition Guelph that can provide fruit-bearing trees and shrubs to our members at as low-cost as we can, deliver them to your door, and offer location and plant care consultation (by phone or email), and even do the planting!
  • We offer educational workshops announced through the year on our blog, and connections to other edible-tree related workshops in the area
  • As your tree grows you can map it through the Appleseed Collective.  The Appleseed Collective aka. Guelph Fruit Tree Project maps public food sources and registers privately owned fruit trees which are under used, or for sharing.  They arrange harvesting days to collect the food as it comes into season.
  • We also can make announcements on our blog about ripe fruit in your space, and can also partner with you to offer workshops or host Guelph Community Orchard events in your space!
  • Email us a for more information or clarification.
Trees need lots of mulch to keep the soil moist!

Trees need lots of mulch to keep the soil moist!